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Blue Door

Blue Door is not just in the food and coffee business, we are in the feel good business.
Our goal is not just to nourish but to create an environment to bring people together and for our customers to feel a part of our local community.
Blue Door origins began by pioneering greens for breakfast, cold pressed juices and the world’s first Vegan soft serve Coco Whip – exclusive to the Blue Door Group – in Newcastle.

Across all three of our stunning locations we use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create a balanced menu so you can fuel your body and your soul.

Each location brings a unique experience that is relevant to its location and our team are authentic, passionate and approachable.

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Blue Door

We are also proud to have pioneered the world’s first ever soft serve- CocoWhip! Because all healthy diets should be focused on balance, we include CocoWhip in our menus so that everyone can enjoy a delicious sweet treat that is vegan, dairy free and calorie conscious- and even if we do say ourselves- mighty delicious!
Simple Food

Done well

We are committed to creating a health conscious, balanced menu across all three locations. We are home to health conscious signature dishes such as our Byron bowl and believe in wholefoods so that when you leave you never feel guilty and every experience is a positive one!
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Here at Blue Door we want your dining experience to be positive and for you to leave feeling your best self! Make sure you check out each of our beautiful locations and see for yourself.